Wholistic Women Uncorked

The Wholistic Women Uncorked inaugural event was filled with so much flow and play as we supported 10 local, women-owned businesses in Frederick County. We were so excited to collaborate with C Clark Consulting to make this event a success…and a success it was!

Participants began the day with 50 clues, plus some bonus clues, that led them to different destinations in Frederick County and clued them in on some fun finds while at each destination.

Our participating locations were:

Hippy Chick Hummus

Owner: Erika Brown

237 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick Basket Company

Owner: Lois Pruitt

12 North East Street Everedy Square

Frederick, MD 21701

Curious Iguana

Owner: Marlene England

12 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Spin the Bottle

Owner: Lydia

9 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701


Retro Metro

Owner: Sherri Audette Johnson

213 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701


The Pop Shop

Owner: Michelle Schaffer

241 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701



Owner: Jordan and Q Lewis

118 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Springfield Winery

Owner: Amie St’Angelo

11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788



Owner: Onna

911 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701


Catoctin Breeze

Owner: Alicja Fizyta

15010 Roddy Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788

We will do this again in 2023! Stay tuned as we have started scouting places for our spring Uncorked event! Thank you for being a part of our community.

Women In The Woods

Our 3rd Annual Women in the Woods got us grounded in mother nature and bounced  us forward into Spring. Our day retreat was filled with yoga dance, coach-led enrichment, healthy food, honoring nature with a grace walk, play and spirit-led crafting.

We explored well-being practices to nourish our heart, mind, body, spirit and welcomed the renewal and growth of spring with our Wholistic team, creating a day in nature like no other.  Embarking on this journey of self-discovery and renewal together.

Some of the Women in the Woods had a few things to say: 

“The retreat was a pitch-perfect celebration of nature, dance, writing, reflection, and play. All of this coupled with delicious food and the company of soulful women was an absolute delight.” Sheila Turybury 

“Our team loved it. Thank you for everything. What a beautiful day filled with so many nice events.” Debbie Bennett 

“What a wonderful Saturday with amazing women. Thank you Wholistic Women for putting together a fun, peaceful day in the woods. I left feeling refreshed and renewed.” Melissa Lentz 

“I am so grateful that I signed up and have always loved all the Wholistic Women programs. There was something even more special with this event, being in ThorpeWood, a magical place, with a beautiful group of women. What a combination. I can’t wait to do it again.” Cindy Williams



Have you ever missed an exit while driving and had to adjust your course, or perhaps GPS changed it for you?

How about those of you on a weight loss journey. What happens when you hit a plateau? What do you do?

Do you, like me, practice being conscious of directing and re-directing those thoughts?

The agency of Adapting is all about the choices we make to change and the actions we take. First, let’s look at some of the definitions and terminology:

In social science, the word agency is defined as the capacity of individuals to act independently and make their own free choices. Thus, one’s agency is one’s independent capacity or ability to work on one’s will.
Agency, by definition, is action or intervention, especially such as to produce a particular effect.

Is to make suitable to requirements or conditions; adjust or modify fittingly. For example, suppose you adapt to a new situation or adapt yourself to it. In that case, you change your ideas or behavior to deal with it successfully. If you adapt something, you change it to make it suitable for a new purpose or situation. From a therapeutic perspective, occupation adaptation was applied and defined as adapting the self and the environment to provide holistic care or intervention.

So, as Wholistic Women, The Agency of Adapting is the choice to act, and make a change to grow. However, there is something that often gets in our way. It’s called the comfort zone. Here’s a poem I think you may be able to relate to:


How big is your comfort zone? Our comfort zones are filled with ease, safety, and security. They feel so comfortable like a favorite pair of cozy pajamas. To step outside of the comfort zone feels risky, and scary.

Who remembers Turkish taffy candy and the satisfaction of beginning to pull your taffy apart? It felt so good to feel that stretch, but the taffy would suddenly snap in two and break if you were to stretch it too far.

We feel good too when we stretch ourselves in new yet small ways outside of our comfort zone; however, if we try for too much, too fast, we can become frustrated and fail in our attempts. Change is complex.

Here are a few benefits to being adaptable.

• Leadership
• Happiness
• Satisfaction/Contentment
• Being able to bounce back quicker
• Better equipped to face challenges
• More current and relevant
• Open to new ideas and able to offer more value to yourself and those around you
• Responds and sees growth opportunities.

People who demonstrate the skill of adaptability have the mindset to be continually growing personally and professionally. This proactive attitude helps them be successful in all endeavors of life. Being flexible, resilient, and responsive to change in these COVID times, holiday times, and changing times is a fundamental skill set. Learning how to manage the stress of life is a true benefit to our overall health and wellness.

In this Thanksgiving season, may you embrace this skill and feel the success it has to offer you. Change is constant and inevitable. So, learn to be a change agent and ADAPT!

Happy Holidays,


Finding Money To Increase Your Cashflow

Finding Money To Increase Your Cashflow

Chances are you’ve probably tried to budget at some point in your life. Trying to get a handle on your monthly cash flow can be an overwhelming project. As a Financial Coach, I spend a lot of time helping my clients get clarity on what their budget numbers are, and how they fit into a plan that will give them peace of mind. But what should you do if you just don’t have enough to make “ends meet?” It could be that you have an income problem, and need to find additional sources of cash coming into your household. More often, the challenge is a spending problem! We all have some sneaky expenses that we take for granted. These can derail the best-made plans! Here are some suggestions on expenditures that you may be able to do without, in order to increase your bottom line:


  1. Fast Food: a recent study found that the average American household spends about $100 a month on fast food. We all know that this type of food is probably not the healthiest option in providing nourishment. By taking the time to prepare food at home, you are able to eat healthier and save money.
  2. Prepared Packaged Food: with our busy schedules it’s tempting to buy grocery items that may be pre-cut, or ready to cook. Did you know that these food items cost an average of 80% more than foods that may need to be chopped, cut, or pre-cooked? Taking the time to prepare your food can save you hundreds of dollars
  3. Name Brand Products: when grocery shopping, take a look at the labels of a store brand vs. a name brand. What you will find is that they contain the same ingredients! Grocery stores pay the name brands to make the same product without their labels, and they are sold at a significant discount.
  4. New Books: if you love to read, remember the local library! You can download books and magazines. Not only are you saving money, but getting your reading materials this way is environmentally friendly.
  5. Bottled Water: This is an upgrade that most of us take for granted. Rather than spend money on bottled water, invest in a good filtration system and buy yourself a reusable water bottle. Again, this is an economically and environmentally approach to getting your hydration.
  6. Bank Fees: if you are paying a bank a monthly fee due to account minimums or overdrafts, it’s time to re-evaluate your banking choice. Take some time to find a bank account that does not require a minimum balance. The average minimum balance fee is $5.00/month. By not paying this, you have now added $60.00 a year to your cash flow!

Virtual Gratitude Circle

Virtual Gratitude Circle

November 17 | 6 - 7:30 PM

Celebrate Your Growth in 2021

Let’s face it, busy women need to take a break sometimes…and we all seem to be busy these days!

Wholistic Women Retreats + Academy has just the right opportunity for you to slow down and savor your accomplishments of this year at our Annual Gratitude Circle and Brunch.

We believe that gratitude is a key ingredient for wholistic well-being. When we focus on what’s going well, we shift our energy to a higher, more positive level. Gratitude is a choice; one that we make collectively in our community.

Now, more than ever, we need to appreciate the Good.

A wholistic approach to gratitude:

  • opens your heart
  • relaxes your body
  • eases your mind from worry
  • lifts your spirit

It brings positivity and love to the forefront of your awareness.

We want to practice gratitude with you!

Each November we gather to express our appreciation for our individual growth as women, and as a community.

The past 2 years have been unlike any other in history, causing incredible stress, fatigue, and loss for many.

In these challenging times we want to support one another and learn what we can, so we ask you to reflect on questions such as these:

  • How have you grown?
  • Who has walked this year’s journey with you?
  • What do you want to remember and continue to practice in the year ahead?

Wholistic Women Retreats + Academy wants to celebrate the good with you.

Please join us in acknowledging the blessings in our lives.

We will gather virtually via Zoom on Nov 17 from 6-7:30 pm to celebrate, bless, and release what is, as we open ourselves to receive what lies ahead.

We invite you to join us for this special time of connection, appreciation, and a celebration of Wholistic Growth.

Let the positive energy that gratitude provides bless and support you.

This event is open to all. Attend solo or invite a friend!

Register Now!

Changes Coming – Gratitude, Growth, & Celebration

Changes Coming – Gratitude, Growth, & Celebration

It is with openly mixed emotions that I write this heartfelt message to our Wholistic Woman community about a change coming soon. After a great deal of prayerful contemplation, I have made the difficult decision to retire from WWRA at the end of 2021. As you can imagine, this decision is one that I have approached wholistically – checking in with my heart, mind, body, and spirit over the past few years.

One of the many, many, emotions that I’m feeling is peace. God has been gently, persistently, calling me to new endeavors, which are undeniable but not fully revealed yet. During the housebound hours of the pandemic, I spent more time with God, quietly praying for clarity and direction. In the stillness, without the busyness of my pre-pandemic life, I was able to listen more intently to His call within my heart. 

To be honest, I resisted the nudge that kept coming to step away from WWRA. I was fearful of the ripple effect it would have on others and myself. I mentally wrestled, argued, and at times ignored the nudge for as long as possible. Eventually, I took some baby steps in that direction and then re-evaluated to see if that was enough change. But it was not. It became clear that a big step is what I’m called to make. So, in a leap of faith, with courage, I am blessing and releasing my leadership of this wonderful organization. I’m curious to see what God has in store for me next and I am ready to grow in new directions.

That brings me to the other emotions that I am feeling.

I feel deep, abiding, gratitude as I reflect on the past 11 years. As a community, we have learned, laughed, grown, and supported each other through good times and bad. Whether you’ve been walking with me from the very beginning, have just recently started attending our retreats, or somewhere in between, I want you to know how much I appreciate you.

My dream to launch Wholistic Woman Retreats began with a similar unrelenting calling that God placed within my heart. I have learned to listen to such persistent messages and to trust that there is a beautiful purpose within them. 

As the retreat dream kept surfacing within me, I casually started telling it to others. Women were excited by the idea of holistic retreats that would focus on developing the whole person – heart, mind, body, and spirit. Being a wordsmith, I playfully put a ‘W’ in front of holistic as a visual reminder of my intention to focus on wholeness. To me, becoming whole is a lifelong endeavor. A continual, personal, and richly rewarding journey to deeply know oneself. It inspires us to embrace our unique talents, to be fully ourselves while acknowledging that we will always be a work-in-progress.

As I shared my dream, women were excited. Some told me they wanted to attend the retreats I would be offering. Others said, “I want to help make it happen!” And that’s how this collaborative organization began, with women who co-created the retreats with me, and women who attended, learned, and grew from them with us. 

Eleven years later, I gratefully look back and think about the many gifted coaches who offered their expertise to our community. I bow to your talents. I’ve learned so much from each of you.

I think of the talented alliance partners who offered their skills in marketing, event management, finances, and web management to help us fly. I deeply appreciate your gifts and contributions to the WWRA vision. 

I think of the wonderful sponsors over the years who gave the gift of financial support to our endeavors. We couldn’t have made such a positive impact without your help.

I think of those who generously contributed to our scholarship fund which helped those in need of financial assistance attend our retreats. You have left a meaningful legacy in the lives of those women.

I think of the beloved coaches who co-founded this organization. You grabbed hold of the dream, walked with me (some for a leg and some for the entire journey) to make it become a reality. You have each been a precious gift to me, and to the community of WWRA.

 Most of all, I think of the many, many women who attended our retreats. From our launch in 2010, on the first day of spring at ThorpeWood, to our most recent destination retreat in Sedona, AZ, each one has been uniquely special.  

My heart is full of gratitude for all of you, each season of growth we’ve been through together, and for the richness of community and sisterhood that we’ve experienced. You have been a blessing!

And…I believe that God is not done with us yet! WWRA will continue under the expert and talented leadership of my co-founder Kelye Rouse Brown. Kelye has been with me since the very beginning and knows the rich history of our organization. I trust that Kelye will build upon it and steer it in new and exciting directions. Quite frankly, I can’t wait to see what lies ahead for Kelye, her team, and WWRA! I look forward to remaining in an advisory Founder role and be the wind beneath the wings of those who take it forward from here.

As for me, I will continue my private coaching practice, launch my Lost and Found Podcast, and keep listening to the nudges that God places within my heart.

The last emotion I feel is excitement so let’s celebrate these changes together! Understandably, this year our annual Gratitude Circle and Brunch will be especially meaningful. For those who are comfortable meeting in person, please join us at ThorpeWood on Nov 14th from 12:30-3:30 pm. We will follow the current CDC guidelines to ensure everyone’s safety. For those who prefer a virtual get-together, we will host a Zoom call on Nov 17 from 6-7:30 pm to celebrate, bless, and release what is, as we open ourselves to receive what lies ahead.

With a heart full of grace and love,




Have you ever listened to yourself say “I’m not good enough to do _________________fill in the blank? Here are a few more

  • Not pretty enough
  • Not smart enough
  • Too old
  • Too young
  • Too fake
  • I don’t have what it takes

You get where I’m going with this.

“Going through life with self-limiting beliefs is like keeping your foot on the brakes when you’re trying to accelerate.” – lotuspathway.com

Messages like these can creep up on us for those out there who have an inner critic (and we all do). How do you think this affects our sense of self-worth? What is self-worth? 

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines self-worth as “a sense of one’s own value as a human being” and “a feeling that you are a good person who deserves to be treated with respect.” Having a sense of self-worth means that you value yourself primarily through your self-evaluated abilities and performance in your everyday activities-occupations. This is where we can be in our heads and start to hear the inner critic dish out some self-limiting beliefs.  It can be anything from our appearance, class status, career status, bank account, social media following, technical abilities, etc. Guilt and shame have a sneaky way of showing up here. 

It would help you to challenge the inner critic whispering, sometimes even shouting these things into your ear. Are the statements factual, kind, something you need to know? If not, no matter what is being said by the inner critic, stand in your sacred worthiness, claim what is rightfully yours to own and protect. Remind yourself in that very instant YOU ARE ENOUGH, SAFE, and a WORTHY PERSON. Once you understand, accept, and love yourself for all you indeed are, a true miracle, you will no longer depend on external factors to validate your self-worth. You will begin to appreciate yourself and bask in self-love and self-acceptance. You have the power; you have always had the power. Understand your self-value comes from the internal measure you set for yourself. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. Thank you, Whitney!

“When you mark where your self-doubt is, then you can begin to conquer it.” – Stephen Richards.

“There is one grand lie-that we are limited. The only limits we have are the limits we believe.” -Wayne Dyer.

According to Brené Brown in the book, Dare to Lead, “A leader is anyone who takes responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes, and who has the courage to develop that potential.” That includes us. So, what is the single most crucial factor that distinguishes great leaders from the rest? Which personal quality is most likely to inspire confidence and respect among our fellow humankind? Which aspect of YOU should you focus on to put your life on the fast track to success? The answer to all these questions is a single word: ENERGY! 

This is where the transformational energetic levels come in and can be a tool to help us measure and track what energy level we reside in and what our default energetic levels are. Let me explain. Bruce Schneider of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) provides us a model with seven energetic levels in his book Energy Leadership. This helps us to become more aware of our personal and professional power. We will explore how to become an influential leader who motivates ourselves and others to reach our full potential. You will learn to recognize that the seven distinct levels are the key to understanding why everyone thinks and acts the way they do. Here are the seven levels:

1-The Victim

2-The Fighter

3-The Rationalizer

4-The Caregiver

5-The Opportunist

6-The Visionary

7-The Creator

The leadership of self and others starts and ends with these seven energetic levels. So, let’s see how you are showing up? Please join me for the next WWR+A event, either virtually via Zoom, or at Brewers Alley in person, on September 29, 2021, to learn more about energy, my signature WORTHY model, the energy leadership index assessment, and much, much more.  

Today’s References

Book — Energy Leadership

Lyrics for The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston

What is Self-Worth, and How Do We Increase it?

Dare to Lead | PDF Book Summary | By Brené Brown. 

Trim the spending and rack up the savings.

Trim the spending and rack up the savings.

Saving money can sometimes feel almost impossible!

There is always a need to have more savings. Whether it’s to shore up your emergency fund or build your retirement accounts, here are some steps you can take to begin or maximize your savings.


Here are some suggestions that can supercharge your savings:


1. Implement a “Spending Freeze”   We all know that living below your means is a way to have money left over each month to put towards savings. To implement your spending freeze, choose a period of time where you commit to spending only on your needs: groceries, housing, transportation, and insurance.

This will allow you to evaluate how much you’ve previously been spending on your wants. You could also do a variation on a sending freeze where you decide to eliminate spending in a particular type of purchase: think about past regrets around your spending. Is there a pattern of spending that always seems to result in remorse?

By intentionally not spending in this category, you won’t be subjecting yourself to the frustration of experiencing that icky feeling again.

2. Practice the Pause  This tip has saved me thousands of dollars! By implementing a waiting period on the wants that I have had, I have found that 24 hours later, I have either forgotten about that item, or I have found something else that I want!

Start by waiting a day before you spend on anything that is a want. Delaying your gratification can be challenging, but is a skill that will save you a lot of money.

3. Evaluate Your Subscriptions  Take some time to research which subscription services you have.

There are two questions to consider with your subscriptions:

  • How much are you using the subscription?
    Perhaps you have a streaming service, but you find that you’re not really watching the shows they offer.
    Are you enjoying or using all of the products you receive, or could you do without them?
  • How much are you spending on this subscription?
    Even if you are spending $10 a month, you could be putting that amount towards your savings goals! Remember, every little bit adds up! I recently went through this exercise with a client who ended up saving over $2800 a year! Boom!

4. Unsubscribe to retail emails that are tempting you to part savingswith your money! Have you ever noticed that there a constant sales and special offers from these stores? These promotions are designed to tempt you!

By eliminating these from your inbox, you are removing the temptation!

5. Pay attention to your emotions! Never shop when you are experiencing negative emotions like boredom, loneliness, or anger. We tend to make poor spending choices when we are in a triggered state.

Buying something in those moments may seem like it makes you feel better, but it will be a temporary fix and could lead to regret.

6. Sell what you’re not using! We all have too much stuff! It’s never been easier to sell your unwanted items.

Here are some websites that can make selling unwanted clothes, accessories, and other items super easy:


7. When you are tempted to spend on a want, think about how much time it took you to earn the money that you are about to spend.   If you make $20/hour after taxes and want to buy something that costs $200, that equates to 10 hours of work! Is it worth it?

8. Plan your grocery trips!   By taking the time to plan a week’s worth of meals and making sure you have every ingredient you may need will save you from making extra trips to the grocery store, making it less likely that you will be tempted to buy the extra impulse items that end up being sneaky little expenses that add up.

9. Put yourself on an allowance!   Based on your cash flow, determine how much you can spend responsibly on extras. You may want to incorporate the envelope system for this spending by taking cash out of the bank and using it exclusively for your fun money. Using a credit or debit card tends to be more mindless than actually budgeting your cash.

10. Celebrate your saving milestones!   We all like to be rewarded for achieving our goals! When you set a specific goal in terms of how much you want to save, include a reward amount that will pay for something that brings you joy, without derailing your hard work! Add the cost of this reward to your savings goal so that you can reap the reward and know that you can afford it!

The Connection Between Happiness and Success

The Connection Between Happiness and Success

Does this sound familiar?….once I lose 15 pounds, I’ll be happy, or once I get a new job, or a new relationship, I’ll finally be happy? I think it’s human nature to think that there is a goal that we need to reach before we can allow ourselves to be truly happy. The issue with that is if we are constantly growing, there is always a new goal to reach. So that way of thinking is an endless cycle and we’re constantly postponing our happiness. That doesn’t sound like a fun way to live.

In his book The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor suggests that success does not lead to happiness. Rather, happiness leads to success.  Think about that for a moment, doesn’t that feel empowering and inspiring? Imagine if you become more focused on seeking happiness, and then see those out-of-reach goals become more easily attainable. I love that formula. That led me to think about how I can personally be more intentional every day about embracing happiness. In his book, Achor outlines several principles that he believes will help us overcome obstacles, reverse bad habits, become more efficient and productive, make the most of opportunities, conquer our most ambitious goals, and fulfill our potential.

I recognized that I have been utilizing several of his strategies like meditation, affirmations, movement, and humor just to name a few. Achor also suggested strategies that I was not as consciously tapping into such as planning something to look forward to, conscious acts of kindness, and exercising a signature strength. The book does a great job of explaining how the strategies impact our brains and ultimately enhance our productivity, creativity, and achievement. The principles in this book reinforce topics that many of our Wholistic Woman Retreats + Academy coaches have shared with our members this year. It’s based on research from the positive psychology field, neuroscience, and Achor, a former Harvard lecturer and researcher who has appeared on one of my favorite shows, Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday series.

On Wednesday evening, July 28, we’ll have a virtual book club meeting to discuss Achor’s book, The Happiness Advantage. I hope to see you there, and hear how it has impacted you!

The Healing Power of Water

The Healing Power of Water

What comes to your mind, or what do you think of when I say the word WATER?

When I was just a young girl of about 9-years old, my family moved overseas. Every weekend, all six of us would pile into the red and white VW Camper and travel to some new and exciting location in Italy. My dad usually took the scenic route along the coastline of the Mediterranean Sea. I can still recall the thrill and utter amazement of coming around a corner only to see the magnificent majesty of the deep blue sea, Breathtaking!

Water relaxes the mind, heals the body, soothes the heart, and calms the spirit! Water has always been an incredible source of healing for me; how about you?

Have you ever heard of Blue Mind Science? Is it the study of the aquatic environment’s health benefits? It offers up a cure for whatever ails you, whether it’s stress, anxiety, or just a case of the blues.

Humans are naturally drawn to water. That’s why most communities are built near bodies of water. Scientists are now quantifying the positive physical and cognitive effects of water. It turns out it leads to an improved overall sense of wellbeing and can produce a meditative state that makes us happier, healthier, calmer, creative, and more capable of AWE! And all for free!

Whether it’s going down to the ocean, visiting the local swimming pool, sitting in a jacuzzi, the smell of rain, a good thunderstorm, or spa service, water heals. Did you know the word SPA is an abbreviation for Solus Par Aqua, which means health or healing through water? Have you ever experienced a Vichy shower?

Now I would be remiss as an OT Practitioner and a Wholistic Empowerment Coach if I didn’t mention HYDRATION and its importance. Did you know that humans are approximately 70% water? Have you experienced any of the following?

• Dry skin
• Dry mouth
• Brain fog
• Moodiness
• Headache
• Muscle cramps
• Dizziness
• Rapid heart rate

These are all symptoms of dehydration:

Whether you choose to drink tap, spring, mineral, seltzer, purified, alkaline, vitamin, or well-water, so long as it is safe, the main goal is to stay hydrated and drink enough water each day to stay healthy and happy. Also, what is it they say about the fountain of youth? Why not stop for a spot of tea or pause this season for some delicious watermelon.

Some benefits of water are:

• Better heart health and overall health
• Increased energy and brain function
• Lubricated joints and more robust muscles
• Ease with digestion
• Maximized physical performance
And the list goes on. Water is therapeutic!

To you, it might just be water, but to me, it’s how I regain my sanity.

I want to end today’s blog with a quote by Sir George Sitwell.

“I have left almost to the last the magic of water, an element which owing to its changefulness of form and mood and color and to the vast range of its effects is ever the principal source of landscape beauty, and has like music a mysterious influence over the mind.”
— Sir George Sitwell, On the Making of Gardens

May you experience a wholehearted, wholistic sense of wellbeing, along with the Blue Mind happier, healthier, calmer, more creative, and capable of Awe, MAGIC OF WATER OFTEN!