2011 Spring Retreat

Comfort Zones Successfully Breached!! Growth Ahead!!

The Spring Retreat—It was a weekend of growth for all of us—participants, coaches and practitioners.

I imagine many of us feel like a rubber band—in a good way.

March 18th and 19th may have come and gone, but the glow is undoubtedly still there for those of us who came to the 2nd Annual “Spring into Wellness” Retreat (the third retreat for Wholistic Woman Retreats, including last fall’s event) who are working to “keep the flame alive”, as coach Jeanette Eleff urged us at the closing session.

We all stretched ourselves as we not only experienced self-exploration and relaxation as we usually do at our retreats, but had some new experiences that added a dimension of energy and excitement that came from the opportunities we had at our newest venue—Capital Retreat Center in Waynesboro, PA.




  • CULTURAL EXPOSURE: We learned about what, for many of us, was a new ethnic experience as we “kept kosher” at the facility, which in the summer becomes a large retreat center for Jewish young people from across the country.
  • CONVIVIALITY AROUND THE CAMPFIRE: Our Friday night relaxation was taken around a huge campfire we were able to share near our lodges. It was a great way to “wind down” into the weekend make new friends and link back up with past retreat connections.
  • CAREENING DOWN A ZIPLINE: Nearly all of us took a ride down the Xx-foot zipline that extends over the lake at CRC! What a rush…everyone agreed that first step off the platform was the scariest—but after that, the ride was awesome! (Is this a metaphor for life or what?)

[yframe url=’http://home/wholisu6/dev.wholisticwomanretreats.com.youtube.com/watch?v=oI3TT8ciDkA’]

The stage for Saturday’s learning was set by coach Sandie Lynch, who kicked off our morning with a thoughtful and thought-provoking way of looking at our lives as we look at the seasons—and giving ourselves permission to fully experience each season, even winter, which people normally think must be “endured”, “survived” and left behind as quickly as possible. She taught us to cherish each season of our lives.

Tune in next week as we blog about what we experienced in our sessions!


Pump Up Your Life With A Power Page

You may be familiar with vision boards; a poster-board size creation where you paste pictures, photos and words which depict the life that will bring you more fulfillment, joy and success. The idea behind this is that when you surround yourself with images of who you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, and other things you want then your life will change to match those images and desires. You begin to notice more opportunities to create what you want and the actions to do this actually become easier.

The difficult part of this is that you may shy away from such a project because you think you just don’t have the time to create a vision board that is the same size as your Georgia O’Keefe poster!

The good news is that the structure for your vision does not have to be huge – instead you can pump up your vision with a Power Page. A Power Page is a smaller version of a vision board. It can be as small as a post-card and as large as twelve by twelve piece of scrap book paper. With this smaller size you don’t need to pour through tons of magazines. Decide on the theme for your vision, find a few images and words that represent what you want and paste them on your paper. Voila! You now have a Power Page that is even small enough to fit in your purse or notebook.

Stop using the I-don’t-have-time-to-make-a-large-vision-board excuse. Stop procrastinating. You can choose to create a structure that is easy and fun – your Power Page.

Bring On the Sunshine of Your Spirit

“The sun will come out tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar it’s tomorrow…” sang Little Orphan Annie in the musical we all know and love.

That spunky little girl looked to her spirit to find that source of inspiration and faith that better days were around the corner, despite being orphaned, poor and virtually abandoned. Her inner source told her that things would change.

She had that ability we so often envy in others: the ability to tap into knowing something to be true without being able to taste or touch it.

We, too, have Little Orphan Annie’s ability– if we learn to tap into our font of hope, our spirit. The source of that is defined differently for all of us; and the way we access it is unique to each of us as well. Have you a clear sense of where your spirit source is and ways you can feel it? Prayer, meditation, walks in the outdoors, journaling—all these are paths to connection with our spirit.

There is no magic or inherent DNA that gives us this ability to emerge from dark clouds when it is difficult to see beyond the immediate horizon. Yet practicing the identification of the right time to seek our spiritual source is key. We’ll discuss ways to know that the time has come – like the good feeling you have after exercise when you weren’t even sure if  you wanted to get up off the couch – to tap into your spirit even when it seems furthest away, in a workshop you can experience at the spring Wholistic Woman Retreat, entitled “Spiritual Awakening”.   The workshop is for all who wish to explore and develop new perspectives on their spirit and faith.

You can practice exercising your spirit muscles in less dire situations, like an unexplained lunch cancellation by a good friend, by consciously consulting your spirit for messages of hope and faith—that teach you to trust that your friend’s action is in good faith rather than jumping  to hasty or negative conclusions about self-worth. Choosing hope, and faith in a small disappointment will help prepare for life’s bigger challenges.


A Life Coach. What’s up with that?

If you’re reading this blog, you may not need to ask that question. But, maybe you do!

Until I reached my 40s, and started thinking about what I REALLY wanted to be when I grew up, I might have had the same reaction if someone suggested hiring a life coach.  My mother, my husband, my best friend–these people were my resource for solving life’s thorny issues.

Firmly on a path that was chosen in college, augmented and adjusted slightly, I was busy raising my children and figuring out how to balance the hours in the day between my corporate job, which required travel and intense hours, and my family. It never crossed my mind, as a woman in that nurturing stage of my life, that the course that I was following might be something I could change dramatically.

Yet as the girls grew, and I became adept at certain entrepreneurial nuances of my mid-management level position, I embraced my career maturity, and  began to get an itch–to go out on my own! However, having no idea how to scratch it, and with the inertia of everyday life to fight against, it remained a dream, untouched. Until I met a life coach (who happens to be Lisa Discullio, one of the WCC coaches–and through her encouragement, and her detached view of my new vision of myself, I came to realize this dream was reachable.

Does this ring true for you? If you’re a woman whose children are beginning to strike out on their own, and turn “indie” on you, and your dreams are tickling you like a feather, or one of those middle-of-the-night throat tickles that WON’T go away, I encourage you to begin to play with the idea of having a life coach.

The coach isn’t your therapist; they won’t figure out for you what childhood issue may be coloring your view of the world today. What they WILL do is help you figure out how you can succeed at whatever itch you need to scratch, whether its career, business, a family adventure–whatever.

I highly recommend a unique opportunity to try it out: at one of our groups Retreats, which we now hold twice each year. We’re just opening registration for the Spring Retreat, which even gives you an opportunity for an overnight getaway to spend with LIKE MINDED WOMEN–what a treat–at Capital Retreat Center, a unique retreat center in Pennsylvania.

The coaches do free sample “coaching” sessions that you can sign up for at the retreat, so its a wonderful way to check out the concept!

Don’t let that tickle get away from you, or quelch it with a cough drop. Listen to it–for the rest of your life, you’ll be glad you did!


What “Triggers” Can Make Us Fat?


Our Environment

Is your environment making you fat? Well, ok, maybe not existing in your environment, but there could be “triggers” in your environment that may be sabotaging your success for a healthier you!

Have you ever seriously considered what are the “triggers” that send you into a ‘tailspin” (no pun intended) from your best “laid out” diet or fitness plan?    How many times have you made a New Year Resolution (as many of you are doing now) to lose weight, get fit, or just eat better, and by February or, if you’re lucky, March you are back to your old habits?

Have you ever wondered why it is “just so hard” to stick to something new even when it IS what you really want! What is keeping you from being successful?

“Triggers” for sabotage can come in many forms.  What are yours specifically? Come to our Wholistic Women mini retreat session “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” and find out!

I know for me, it was when someone noticed I had lost a little weight,  it was like the “approval” I needed to “let up a little” and before I know it….“BAM” back to my old habits within a day or two, and the weight seemed to “JUMP” back on with force, like jello!  (get the visual? :))

Seriously, there are many reasons we don’t do what we say we want to.  Attend the “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”  Wholistic Women Retreat mini session on January 12th, 2011, from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm and you will receive valuable information on what are the most common and potentially dangerous “triggers” for sabotage, and then be coached on discovering your “triggers” and guided in creating an environment of success!

Still not convinced you have “triggers” that sabotage your success and the need to eliminate them?

Some “triggers” could actually surprise you, like the fear of success“What???  No Way!!!” You say, “how could someone be afraid of being successful in the very thing they want; like feel better, look better and live better? That is absolutely preposterous!”  No, HONESTLY, this is a “trigger” for some and for more than you think, it could actually be yours!?!  Wouldn’t you like to know if it is?

Another “trigger” could also be what and when you eat!    Now, I know what some of you are thinking, “ok here’s the catch, this is another one of those diet plans where you have to eat certain foods at certain times.   Been there done that!”   Sorry, not in this program, we just want to help you be successful with something that will actually work for you.    Although, many individuals are not aware how much power the food we eat possesses, and how certain nutrients at specific times can actually help avoid times of weakness and temptation, especially when “willpower” is NOT enough! When you learn how to eat, when to eat, and what to eat, you will gain the power to overcome the vulnerable “hunger trigger!

Learn how to enjoy your food and put an end to the “love/hate” relationship you have with food and your body.  We are created to enjoy life and “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!” Start this year!     Come to the Wholistic Women Retreats mini session and start eating with joy and eliminate the “triggersthat steal it! Learn how to design the environment that will create the success you want.

Come hungry for self-awareness and leave EMPOWERED and JOYFUL!

In Joy…. Sandie

Sandie Lynch, Registered Dietitian

Go to Wholistic Woman Retreats for specific location and details and Sign up today!


Redefining Your Money Monster

Money is __________.

If you were to complete this sentence, what would you say? 

What are the driving forces behind your attitudes about money?

Where did those attitudes and beliefs originate?

The way in which we handle our finances is determined by the underlying beliefs  we have about money and it’s impact on our lives.

Life Coaches Carol Hayes and Laura Hall are offering an interactive and creative workshop where you will begin to identify what we playfully call your Money Monster. Like any “monster” that lurks under the bed, when we shine a light on it we see that it’s not as bad as we think it is. The fear of the imagined monster is what limits us and prevents us from being all that we want to be. By acknowledging its presence and effect on our lives, we can begin to make different choices. Choices that enhance our relationship with money instead of letting it control us.

Money can be a difficult subject for many people to talk about so we approach this topic with respect, and with a bit of humor.  Money mastery begins when we understand that our self worth is not determined by our net worth. As we identify our values and explore how our money reflects those values we begin to see that money is simply a tool and not an end in and of itself.

 If you are curious about  your relationship with money and want to transform it into something that serves you instead of something that restricts you  join us on Tuesday, December 7th from 7-9 pm in Wolf Furniture’s conference room.

Register today at www.wholisticwomanretreats.com.

This workshop is open to women, men, couples and anyone interested in learning more about money mastery.

More Success with Less Stress

When you think of success you may think it means making a large amount of money, or having the ability to travel to adventurous places whenever you want, or writing your first book. The new word about success is that you get to decide what success means to you. You define the qualities of success on your terms, no one else’s.

In addition, you may think that to reach your goal of success it requires hard work, struggle, sacrifices and “paying your dues.” In truth, reaching success can be quite easy if you decide that this is the path you want to take. Making up your mind to make it easy is a simple first step towards relieving you of the stress and struggle. A second step includes the phrase “How can I make this easy?”

As you work on making your dream come true, ask yourself “How can I make this easy?” Then sit quietly and wait for the answer to come from your deep creative center. When faced with a struggle, ask the question again and see what answer appears.

You are always at choice in your life, career and business. You can decide to make something hard or you can decide to make it easy. It is really that simple. If this concept of success without the struggle has you intrigued, then attend the session More Success With Less Stress presented by Jeanette Eleff, Success Coach and Strategist on Saturday during the Harvest Your Best Self Retreat.

 To your big success,

Jeanette Eleff, Success Coach, Strategist and Speaker

Can You Hear Me Now? A Dynamic Communication Workshop

Anthony Robbins says, “The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”  Can You Hear Me Now? is an opportunity for you to improve the quality of your life by improving your communication both with others and with yourself.

Most people, when they think of communication, think of it as something they hear… words that convey a message.  Of course “how” we say something is also important, especially to us women.  I know it drives my husband crazy when I accuse him of using a certain “tone” in how he says something.  He just doesn’t get it sometimes.  Body language and gestures are also play their part in communication.  It’s what we see.  For me this happens when my 15 year old daughter rolls her eyes when I ask her to go clean up her room.  Without using any word, she is definitely communicating!   🙂

So it’s easy to see how communication is something we hear and see, but communication is also something we feel.  We feel the energy of any message we receive, and whether we are aware of it or not, we are impacted either temporarily or permanently by this energy.  As a result, we are affected.  If we receive an inspiring message, we may be moved to take action.  If the message was negative, we may become deflated or feel the need to retreat.  Understanding the energy we are sending out with our messages is key.  Imagine how powerful it would be to fully engage your family, group, or organization in its mission and motivate them toward success.  Imagine having a clear understanding of your choices when it comes to how you communicate.  This is the power of energetic and dynamic communication, and this is what you will have the chance to practice in Can You Hear Me Now?.  We hope that if this topic speaks to you that you will join us in this workshop being presented at the Wholistic Woman Fall Retreat.  See you soon!

Food Addiction?  How do we stop eating when we need to eat?

Food Addiction? How do we stop eating when we need to eat?

Food Addiction? How do we stop eating when we need to eat?

Have you ever been eating a bag of chips and think “I need to stop” as you reach in to grab another handful?  How about when eating out you unbutton your pants so you can get more in?

Excess weight is one of the biggest contributors of acute and chronic disease and premature death.  What causes us to keep eating when we know we “should” stop?  Certain foods cause us to lose control, and inhibit our ability to stop.  Also, the combination of certain ingredients trigger the pleasure centers of our brain to keep us “chowing down” although we fear we could be at risk of exploding if we don’t stop soon :/.   These ingredients when combined in such a way overrides the center in the brain that says, “this is not good for me and I want to stop” but instead says, “this is too good to worry about that now, another bite would be good.”    Studies have shown this combination of ingredients trigger the same centers of the brain of Cocaine and other addictive drugs.  Thus the question….have we made food our next addiction of choice?

Is there anything we can do to break the addiction when we still need to eat?  At least with other addictions one can stop cold turkey and eliminate it.  What can we do about food?  Is there hope?  Yes, indeed! Participants of the “Food is Love….or IS it?”session will learn what foods to avoid and what foods to prepare and eat that say “Love” in reality!  Learn what foods  Harvest your Best Self!  See you at the retreat! (https://wholisticwomenliving.com/session-topics/)