Jane is a long-time Partner Coach with our organization, contributing multiple workshops and retreats centered around financial well-being and living a life of unshakable confidence.

Jane collaborates with her clients in taking inspired action steps that lead to self-awareness, resilience, and significant results. She coaches from a place of compassion, having overcome numerous challenges over her lifetime. No guilt or shame allowed!

Unlock your financial potential with Jane, your trusted guide to lasting prosperity. With 25 years of experience in financial wellness, she's not just a coach – she’s a neuro coach, passionate about rewiring your mindset for limitless success. Let go of limiting beliefs and embrace a world of infinite possibilities. Jane’s unique approach combines the power of mindset and the mechanics of financial wellness, ensuring you thrive in all aspects of your life. Start living the abundant life you deserve today!

Jane recently moved to South Carolina after living in Maryland her whole life. She spends her free time in nature, which is a source of inspiration for her. Her children, Emma and Megan are a source of inspiration in her daily life. Her grandchildren fill her heart with unparalleled joy. She and her husband, Mike, are enjoying the “empty nest” stage of life by traveling as often as possible.

Special Event Expense Guide

Wouldn’t it be great if you already had money set aside for life’s special events- birthdays, weddings, festivals, holidays and those one-of-a-kind expenses that pop up. Download Coach Jane’s monthly Special Event Expense Guide and never be caught off-guard again!