Wholistic Women Uncorked

The Wholistic Women Uncorked inaugural event was filled with so much flow and play as we supported 10 local, women-owned businesses in Frederick County. We were so excited to collaborate with C Clark Consulting to make this event a success…and a success it was!

Participants began the day with 50 clues, plus some bonus clues, that led them to different destinations in Frederick County and clued them in on some fun finds while at each destination.

Our participating locations were:

Hippy Chick Hummus

Owner: Erika Brown

237 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Frederick Basket Company

Owner: Lois Pruitt

12 North East Street Everedy Square

Frederick, MD 21701

Curious Iguana

Owner: Marlene England

12 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701

Spin the Bottle

Owner: Lydia

9 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701


Retro Metro

Owner: Sherri Audette Johnson

213 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701


The Pop Shop

Owner: Michelle Schaffer

241 N Market St, Frederick, MD 21701



Owner: Jordan and Q Lewis

118 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701

Springfield Winery

Owner: Amie St’Angelo

11836 Auburn Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788



Owner: Onna

911 E Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21701


Catoctin Breeze

Owner: Alicja Fizyta

15010 Roddy Rd, Thurmont, MD 21788

We will do this again in 2023! Stay tuned as we have started scouting places for our spring Uncorked event! Thank you for being a part of our community.

Women In The Woods

Our 3rd Annual Women in the Woods got us grounded in mother nature and bounced  us forward into Spring. Our day retreat was filled with yoga dance, coach-led enrichment, healthy food, honoring nature with a grace walk, play and spirit-led crafting.

We explored well-being practices to nourish our heart, mind, body, spirit and welcomed the renewal and growth of spring with our Wholistic team, creating a day in nature like no other.  Embarking on this journey of self-discovery and renewal together.

Some of the Women in the Woods had a few things to say: 

“The retreat was a pitch-perfect celebration of nature, dance, writing, reflection, and play. All of this coupled with delicious food and the company of soulful women was an absolute delight.” Sheila Turybury 

“Our team loved it. Thank you for everything. What a beautiful day filled with so many nice events.” Debbie Bennett 

“What a wonderful Saturday with amazing women. Thank you Wholistic Women for putting together a fun, peaceful day in the woods. I left feeling refreshed and renewed.” Melissa Lentz 

“I am so grateful that I signed up and have always loved all the Wholistic Women programs. There was something even more special with this event, being in ThorpeWood, a magical place, with a beautiful group of women. What a combination. I can’t wait to do it again.” Cindy Williams

Virtual Gratitude Circle

Virtual Gratitude Circle

November 17 | 6 - 7:30 PM

Celebrate Your Growth in 2021

Let’s face it, busy women need to take a break sometimes…and we all seem to be busy these days!

Wholistic Women Retreats + Academy has just the right opportunity for you to slow down and savor your accomplishments of this year at our Annual Gratitude Circle and Brunch.

We believe that gratitude is a key ingredient for wholistic well-being. When we focus on what’s going well, we shift our energy to a higher, more positive level. Gratitude is a choice; one that we make collectively in our community.

Now, more than ever, we need to appreciate the Good.

A wholistic approach to gratitude:

  • opens your heart
  • relaxes your body
  • eases your mind from worry
  • lifts your spirit

It brings positivity and love to the forefront of your awareness.

We want to practice gratitude with you!

Each November we gather to express our appreciation for our individual growth as women, and as a community.

The past 2 years have been unlike any other in history, causing incredible stress, fatigue, and loss for many.

In these challenging times we want to support one another and learn what we can, so we ask you to reflect on questions such as these:

  • How have you grown?
  • Who has walked this year’s journey with you?
  • What do you want to remember and continue to practice in the year ahead?

Wholistic Women Retreats + Academy wants to celebrate the good with you.

Please join us in acknowledging the blessings in our lives.

We will gather virtually via Zoom on Nov 17 from 6-7:30 pm to celebrate, bless, and release what is, as we open ourselves to receive what lies ahead.

We invite you to join us for this special time of connection, appreciation, and a celebration of Wholistic Growth.

Let the positive energy that gratitude provides bless and support you.

This event is open to all. Attend solo or invite a friend!

Register Now!

Workshops & Retreats: What’s the Difference?

Workshops & Retreats: What’s the Difference?

You’re ready to gain new skills or hone your craft in a group setting. The question is, should you sign up for a workshop or a retreat? While they both involve an element of learning, workshops and retreats are quite different types of events. Let’s take a look at what each event type involves, who they benefit, and how to decide between the two.

What is a Workshop?

A workshop is designed for a small group of people to hone specific skills in a relatively short amount of time. They can be held virtually or in-person. The skills learned often relate to a particular field or craft, such as marketing, writing, or personal finances. Since workshops are designed for teacher to student learning, there is often little time for socialization. Lastly, while they can range from a few hours to a weekend commitment, workshops are one-time events. 

The Benefits of Attending a Workshop

You can think of a workshop as a quick crash course taught by an expert. If you desire to increase your knowledge on a subject, but you don’t have the time or money to spend on a lengthy course, a workshop is a great option for you. You’ll be challenged to think outside the box and leave with practical action steps. 

What is a Retreat?

According to Merriam-Webster, a retreat is “a period of group withdrawal for prayer, meditation, study, or instruction under a director.” Retreats are in-person events and last for at least one day, but can be as long as a weekend or even one to two weeks! Most retreats offer some form of instruction, while also including free time for reflection, socializing, or practicing a craft (i.e. writing, knitting, or yoga). 

The Benefits of Attending a Retreat

Stepping away from your daily life to reconnect with yourself and/or nature provides a boost to your mental health. Retreat settings tend to be conducive to creativity and reflection. You also have the benefit of growing alongside your fellow participants and are given the opportunity to deepen relationships with others.

Should I Attend a Workshop or a Retreat?

The main difference between the two types of events is that workshops are focused on learning or honing a specific skill, and retreats tend to focus on spiritual or personal growth. If you’re looking to fill a notebook with helpful suggestions and action steps, check out a workshop. Remember, workshops aren’t designed for networking or peer interaction. If you long for the time and space to focus on creative pursuits or unplug from the grind, look for a retreat to attend! You’ll enjoy learning from a facilitator or coach while also having plenty of time to connect with others and yourself.

Join the Wholistic Women community on a retreat to Sedona, AZ

Soulful Sedona Destination Retreat

Soulful Sedona Destination Retreat

Soulful Sedona Destination Retreat

Exploration and Growth in Red Rock Country!

OCTOBER 3RD – 6TH, 2024

Wholistic Women Living, LLC is ready to embark on their 5th soulful journey to beautiful Sedona, Arizona. There is plenty of time to pause and play in a supportive space with certified coaches and reconnect with our wise women selves.

This three-night Soulful Sedona destination retreat: Amplify What’s Inside is held at the award-winning Arabella Sedona, where you get to experience nature and discover yourself at this laid-back desert lifestyle resort. Sedona, a land of timeless beauty, is surrounded by natural red rock sculptures and national forests. It’s suggested that Sedona, as a whole, is a vortex, a place in nature where the Earth is exceptionally alive and healthy.

Kelye Rouse Brown, founder of Wholistic Women Living, LLC, has been traveling to Sedona for over 30 years and says the more you develop your relationship with this land, the more it will reward you with magical experiences. Any season is a wonderful time to visit Sedona, but we find October’s average high temperature of 77 is the best for immersing
yourself in this soulful splendor.

Our Sedona adventure begins on Thursday evening with our signature Prickly Pear Reception to include what else, Prickly Pear Margaritas and some tasty Prickly Pear Flan and more at the Molé restaurant, fine cuisine of Mexico.

Each morning, we enjoy a hot breakfast followed by meditation and movement, like Let Your Yoga Dance to awaken your chakras, crystal energy and gentle yoga.  Daily journaling and personal growth sessions are facilitated by our Wholistic Coaches with fun red rock excursions added each day to play. We will amplify and celebrate our 5th sisterhood journey with Sedona Sound Healing by using different instruments like gongs and singing bowls, and the healing power of Ancient Medicine Wheels and Wolf Magic at the Sedona Wolf Sanctuary.

The sunset vista, stargazing and smore’s by the firepit are available every evening.  In closing, we have a special ceremony and gift planned to help you celebrate and create a more positive pathway to living your best life.

In addition to our soulful retreat program, there are opportunities to hike or bike, shop at Hillside and Tlaquepaque Arts Village with famous galleries, within walking distance, from our accommodations and/or visit the Chapel of the Holy Cross or the Stupa sacred landmark and so much more.  Our accommodations are in the heart of Sedona, so location, location, location is a big part of our destination retreat. We enjoy our new sister insights, stories with women on the grow and wholehearted awareness to bring back and embrace Wholistic Women Living.

We look forward to explore, wonder and Be Whole at our Soulful Sedona 2024 Destination Retreat.


    “This journey was empowering and magical beyond all belief. I was able to be in touch with a childlike and primal part of myself that I thought had long gone extinct. I enjoyed every single aspect of the trip from the seminars, to the art, to the activities, to the nature, and the beautiful Sedona surroundings. Plan to attend next year.”

    “Sedona and Wholistic Women have been life-changing for me. I feel that I have, and continue to grow spiritually. Thank you for making this world an even better place! ❤️


    What is the agenda of the retreat?


    What does the retreat cost?

    Special early-bird pricing for your Sedona getaway: $1,199 (ends July 1, 2024)
    Regular pricing: $1,399. Registration ends on August 1, 2024.

    Are there payment options?


    Payment plans are available if paying by check.

    To participate in a payment plan check that option when completing your registration.

    Do you give refunds?

    We do not give refunds. Contact our wholistic community support team for assistance in transferring your retreat registration and call Arabella directly to cancel your hotel reservation.


    Soulful Sedona Orientation

    Once you have registered for our Soulful Sedona retreat you will be invited to our virtual orientations prior to take-off. We hold these to answer additional questions, start forming the sisterhood/re-connecting, and discuss logistics or rooming. Many ladies are open to sharing a room to help on cost.


    Flight & Accommodations

    How do I get there?

    Flagstaff Airport is the closest small commercial airport, just a 45 minute scenic drive from Sedona.

    Phoenix International Airport is a lovely 2 hour drive from Sedona.

    We recommend that you book your flight with Southwest Airlines (typically $450)

    It is recommended that you talk to others about sharing a rental car. We will help you connect with other attendees.

    What hotel do you recommend?

    A special block of rooms under Wholistic Women Living has been reserved for us at the award-winning Arabella. Visit their website and call their hospitality staff directly to reserve your room at 928-282-7151. They’re expecting your call!

    What can you tell me about the hotel?

    Cradled among the stunning Red Rocks of Sedona and rambling Oak Creek, experience the spectacular beauty of Sedona with us!  Enjoy a complementary cruiser bike to explore Historic Tlaquepaque Arts & Shopping Village and Hillside Galleries or relax with a glass of wine at sunset from the picturesque Scenic Overlook, complete with comfortable Adirondack Chairs. Experience nature, discover yourself, at the award-winning Arabella Sedona!

    Can I cancel my room if something comes up?

    Call Arabella directly if you need to cancel.

    3 Reasons Why Your Team Should Go On a Group Retreat

    3 Reasons Why Your Team Should Go On a Group Retreat

    Whether you’re part of a religious group, wellness club, parenting co-op, or business cohort, you and your peers likely want to work together to meet mutual goals. Perhaps you want to raise money for a cause, learn how to communicate better, or bring in new members. One of the best ways your group can reach those goals is by attending a group retreat.

    A group retreat can be as low-key as attending a workshop in a nearby town, or can be as intensive as a weekend getaway. The most effective group retreats will offer hands-on activities, group coaching, and flex or free time for free-flowing conversation. There are several benefits of group retreats. These include:

    Group Retreats Improves Morale

    When was the last time your group bonded over a shared experience? Offering your group a morale-booster, such as going on a hike, playing a new game, or cooking a meal together, will help everyone feel more relaxed around one another. This is especially beneficial for groups that have a clear leader or “boss,” because it evens out the playing field. Who wouldn’t love to see their pastor try ziplining for the first time, or listen to their wellness coach share a personal story?

    Group Retreats Create Cohesion 

    One of the best aspects of a group retreat is that it gets everyone out of their comfort zone. This might intimidate some people at first, but it won’t take long to break the ice. If you’ve never attended a group retreat before, commit to being open to new experiences. Make a point to engage with everyone in your group. You never know, you might find that your coworker you’ve hardly spoken to shares your favorite hobby, or that the younger woman in your wellness group is looking for accountability from a more seasoned person such as yourself. 

    Even if everyone in your group already knows one another, a group retreat will encourage deeper personal connections. Through workshops and team-building activities, your group will grow closer and learn how to work more effectively together. 

    Group Retreats Promote Personal Growth

    Group retreats don’t simply benefit the group as whole — they also impact each individual. A person can learn a lot about themselves when they’re with a group of people. One person might find it uncomfortable to try new things, while another person might blossom from being put in a strange environment. Ideally, the person heading up the group retreat will ask everyone ahead of time what they aim to get out of the experience. You might find yourself learning something new, making friends, or teaching others about your areas of expertise.

    Is your group ready to try something new? Maximize the full potential of your team by booking a group retreat!