Money is __________.

If you were to complete this sentence, what would you say? 

What are the driving forces behind your attitudes about money?

Where did those attitudes and beliefs originate?

The way in which we handle our finances is determined by the underlying beliefs  we have about money and it’s impact on our lives.

Life Coaches Carol Hayes and Laura Hall are offering an interactive and creative workshop where you will begin to identify what we playfully call your Money Monster. Like any “monster” that lurks under the bed, when we shine a light on it we see that it’s not as bad as we think it is. The fear of the imagined monster is what limits us and prevents us from being all that we want to be. By acknowledging its presence and effect on our lives, we can begin to make different choices. Choices that enhance our relationship with money instead of letting it control us.

Money can be a difficult subject for many people to talk about so we approach this topic with respect, and with a bit of humor.  Money mastery begins when we understand that our self worth is not determined by our net worth. As we identify our values and explore how our money reflects those values we begin to see that money is simply a tool and not an end in and of itself.

 If you are curious about  your relationship with money and want to transform it into something that serves you instead of something that restricts you  join us on Tuesday, December 7th from 7-9 pm in Wolf Furniture’s conference room.

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This workshop is open to women, men, couples and anyone interested in learning more about money mastery.