I am so excited to be giving you a little preview of one of the upcoming workshops being presented by Lisa DiSciullo and myself at the upcoming Wholistic Woman Retreat!  We’ve titled it, “Spark a Wholehearted Life” and it’s being based around the work of Brene Brown.  I first learned about Brene Brown after watching one of her TED talks http://home/wholisu6/dev.wholisticwomanretreats.com.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_on_vulnerability.html and if you haven’t seen this, I highly recommend it.  Her work has given me permission to be perfectly imperfect and as a “recovering perfectionist” this is just the permission I’ve been waiting for.

Wholehearted living is about recognizing your worthiness, that you already are enough, and then living from that place in harmony with your perceived imperfections.  It’s about turning inward and acknowledging what is true for you and embracing that.  It’s about letting go of allowing other people to dictate who or what you are supposed to be, and choosing your authentic truth, and then being courageous enough to stand up and say this is the real me.  I’m done pretending to be something I’m not.  I’m done trying to live up to unrealistic expectation.  I’m done living by someone else’s rules for me.  Here I am world, vulnerabilities and all!  It’s not easy, but as someone who has been practicing this, I promise you, it has been well worth it!

Of course, this is life, and life is sometimes messy, so of course there are things that can get in the way of living a wholehearted life.  Some days are better than others, but knowing what the potential road blocks are, allows us options, or detours, around these potential pitfalls. And on the positive side, there are also daily habits you can create that will assist you in wholehearted living.  We will be looking at both of these aspects.

If this piqued your curiosity, if this leaves you wondering how effectively you are living a wholehearted life, if this has your imagination soaring about what would be possible if you started living life on your own terms, then please join us!

So, what are you doing September 28th and 29th?   If you’d like to join us at the retreat, sign up TODAY as space is limited.  You can do this at wholisticwomanretreats.com

Here’s to changing the world, one wholehearted life at a time!

Today’s author: Laura Hall is an iPEC certified life coach who believes every woman deserves a coach. She offers both one on one as well as group coaching services. She can be reached at [email protected] or check out her website at http://home/wholisu6/dev.wholisticwomanretreats.com.hallcoaching.com/.