Today I feel a sense of fulfillment from completing a trip that I have longed to take over the past few years. I called it my Roots to Boots tour because my family roots are in Oklahoma and I needed my brave boots from Texas to make this particular journey.

Designing the trip was fun, yet filled with uncertainty because I didn’t know how it would unfold. I can’t remember the last time I took two whole weeks off to spend time with my mom’s family members that I haven’t seen in over a decade (and probably only ten times in my entire life).

As I planned the trip, some of the questions I asked myself were:

Will my mom’s side of the family remember me…and embrace this trip as I do?

What surprises will I encounter to make this trip more challenging or complete?

I’m happy to say that these questions were answered positively and that I experienced some pleasant surprises. This trip was bittersweet as I celebrated both the successful three year anniversary of my Texas joint venture and the anniversary of my mom’s passing.

After reflecting on this much anticipated journey, I can truthfully say that I am happier than I was three years ago. I am happier because….

  • I’m celebrating a successful business milestone with greater opportunities on the horizon
  • I have reconnected with my family in Oklahoma, closing a lengthy ten year gap.
  • I brought my mom’s ashes back to her roots, where she started her life and felt complete
  • My husband and I made this journey, and celebrated this labor of love, together.

Recognizing and embracing the process of becoming happier is a wonderful, and joyful, benefit of this Roots to Boots trip. Planning this adventure made me uncomfortable at times. However, I realized that I needed to be courageous, and step out into the world, to bring a deeper level of peace and healing into my life. The timing seemed perfect. In hindsight, I see that I not only boosted myself with this trip but (according to my husband) I also boosted my extended family by traveling back to our roots.

I truly believe that happiness boosters are important in life.

What boosts your happiness?

What happiness boosters are you willing to explore to bring needed closure and peace to your life?

Remember that becoming happier is a lifelong pursuit. I encourage you to discover ways to rejuvenate yourself to feel happier.

Do you want to learn more about becoming happier?

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Today’s author: Kelye Rouse-Brown, CHA, CHT is a business owner, joint venture partner, HR expert, certified coach, and training professional. Her 3 components: Educate, Motivate, and Cultivate help her clients develop, spark action, and grow a successful career/business and life from the core. Kelye can be reached at 301-371-9300 or by visiting her website: