May is my favorite month. After wrapping up April showers and bringing on May flowers, I pause and reflect on how special this month is before we move onto June. The days go by so fast and I always look forward to certain times of the year and next thing you know, you are moving along your path to the next day or month and then next year.

May makes me happy. I celebrate my mother, her birthday, my birthday and even my breast cancer diagnosis anniversary the day before my birthday – why, well because my stage was caught so early and it reminds me of  our genetic journey together and well, just because.

May makes me want to dance. Not because it’s the “Dancing with the Stars” finale, and I can’t wait to see who wins but because I feel in the month of May we put more pep in our steps and we move more now after the cold months. I came across these five Steps in the “Dance of Life” by Coby Kozlowski which are beautiful reminders of being in the present and not letting your favorite days or months to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or just because go without celebrating, reflecting, experimenting, trusting and repeating like steps to a dance…

  • Celebrate who you are right now – recognize and appreciate all that is perfect about you, just as you are
  • Reflect on your path – pause a few times throughout your day to observe whether your thoughts, words and actions are in alignment
  • Put yourself into the experiment – we find out what makes our lives better and more authentic by putting ourselves into experiments
  • Surrender and trust – know that you will always have another chance to try again
  • Repeat for the rest of your life…

After I read these five pep steps, which are in no order at all, I recognize the one step I resonate with is putting myself into the experiment. This past year and the month of May have been a new experiment for me, trying on life a different way without my mom who passed away last year in April. She was my cheerleader in life and I love keeping her strong spirit alive; it brings such joy. One way I am doing this is by building a tree of life garden and believe me this is an experiment for someone who did not carry the green thumb gene from my mother. This May and last May, we have eaten Maryland crabs, moms favorite, to honor her birthday. Reflecting on our memories and creating new ones is the joy of life. Make May count this year, enjoy the beauty and color all around us, the pep in your step and repeat your monthly celebrations for the rest of your life.


Today’s author: Kelye Rouse Brown is an executive coach, conference speaker, HR expert, and seminar leader on employee and management training. Through her company, KRB Customized Training Solutions, she specializes in communications and leadership, career coaching, and result driven solutions for hospitality, healthcare and service oriented clients.   You can reach Kelye at [email protected] or visit her website http://home/wholisu6/