“Just start writing”

That’s the voice I heard inside my head as I lay in bed this morning trying to mentally figure out what this blog was going to be about.  I was struggling, as I often do when it comes to my turn in the blog rotation schedule, to figure out what I wanted to write about. My mind was swirling with topics and ideas of how the structure would be laid out when I very clearly heard…  Just start writing… so here I am doing just that.

Let’s see where this goes!

I’m currently listening to We Are The Luckiest by Laura McKowen on Audible and the chapter I just finished was titled ‘Find a House Where the Truth is Told’.  YES!!!!  Oh, how I resonate with that title.  I’ve been looking for these types of houses my entire life.  My big vision is to find a world where the truth is told.  

I want this and it scares me at the same time.

I want it because I’ve always been a seeker of truth… my truth AND your truth, which I know will be different.  I want to know and understand myself at the deepest levels and I want you to feel comfortable sharing your truth with me because you know I’m a safe space and will not judge you.  I want to be a house where the truth is told.  

It scares me because what if I can’t handle my truth OR what if you can’t handle my truth.  Will I internally beat myself up? Will you think I’m weird or crazy?

When I picture in my mind’s eye this house where the truth is told ( which by the way isn’t really a house, but rather a community of people that I surround myself with) I see teachers and students working together to support one another.  When I look around I see how I am sometimes in the role of student and sometimes in the role of teacher… and you are too!  

My teachers are those people who are unapologetically speaking/living their truth and are trusting that in their vulnerable sharing they will be setting an example for others to follow.  Some of them are public figures like Brené Brown, Byron Katie and Laura McKowen, the author I’m currently reading, but many of them are not. They are everyday people who just happen to be within my sphere of influence.  

My students are those of you who are learning from me in some way.  Maybe you are reading this blog and resonating with it… maybe you are following me on FaceBook… Maybe we run in some of the same circles… Some of you I know are students because you’ve told me so, but many of you I don’t know.  I am trusting that by showing up as authentically as I can each day, I am reaching the people I am meant to whether I know them or not.

I know I am always both a teacher and a student.  The same is true for you! Do you get that?!? As one of my favorite teachers and poets, Rumi says, “We’re all just walking each other home”.

My One Word for this year is UNVEILED.  If you aren’t familiar with the One Word process, I invite you to read about it here. This word has me thinking that there are layers to the truth.  For me, my superficial truths are easy to share. They are always on the surface where they are easy for everyone to see, including me. However, we all have deeper truths, as well, that aren’t as easy to see.  My suspicion is that some of my truths are so veiled right now that even I can’t see them. I’ve covered them up to protect them and to protect myself. Here again, I find myself both excited and scared at the same time.  

One way I know that I will be continuing to build my House Where the Truth is Told is through FaceBook live videos.  I’ve been using this platform to share from a place of authenticity.  It has been a practice in unveiling for me and I plan to continue this when the spirit moves me.  

Another way I love to connect is face-to-face.  If our paths cross in any way in the future and you want to dig deep with me, yes please, let’s have a vulnerable, truth unveiling conversation!   Sure, it might feel scary but I promise it will be exciting too!  

Finally, I want to let you know about an upcoming opportunity…At the end of this month, I will be facilitating a safe space in-person group discussion where we can share our truths together.  At this event, we will focus our truth-telling on our spiritual beliefs. We will explore questions such as: How do you define God?  Are you clear about what you really believe or don’t believe?  How do you put your spiritual beliefs into practice?  These are some of the truths I will invite you to uncover and share during our time together at that event.

You’re invited to join this evening retreat titled Sacred Practices on Feb 26th with the Wholistic Woman community.  You can read more about it here.

As always, if you would like to connect or have questions for me, please feel free to reach out!  If we aren’t already FB friends and my videos sound like something you’d like witness, please friend request me and let me know you read this blog.  

~ Laura