The Wholistic Women in the Woods day retreat will be filled with play, yoga dance, nutrition, healthy food, honoring nature, spirit-led crafting,  and a grace walk. Our Wholistic team, and the ThorpeWood staff (and animals) on the farm will create a day in nature like no other.

Our group of women will be immersed in mother nature connecting their heart, mind, body, and spirit…dancing through the seven chakras and feeling more whole with all the senses. Some of the Women in the Woods who attended last year had a few things to say:


“The retreat was a pitch-perfect celebration of nature, dance, writing, reflection, and play. All of this coupled with delicious food and the company of soulful women was an absolute delight.” Sheila Turybury


“Our team loved it. Thank you for everything. What a beautiful day filled with so many nice events.” Debbie Bennett


“What a wonderful Saturday with amazing women. Thank you Wholistic Women for putting together a fun, peaceful day in the woods. I left feeling refreshed and renewed.” Melissa Lentz


“I am so grateful that I signed up and have always loved all the Wholistic Women programs. There was something even more special with this event, being in ThorpeWood, a magical place, with a beautiful group of women. What a combination. I can’t wait to do it again.” Cindy Williams


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