More Success with Less Stress

When you think of success you may think it means making a large amount of money, or having the ability to travel to adventurous places whenever you want, or writing your first book. The new word about success is that you get to decide what success means to you. You define the qualities of success on your terms, no one else’s.

In addition, you may think that to reach your goal of success it requires hard work, struggle, sacrifices and “paying your dues.” In truth, reaching success can be quite easy if you decide that this is the path you want to take. Making up your mind to make it easy is a simple first step towards relieving you of the stress and struggle. A second step includes the phrase “How can I make this easy?”

As you work on making your dream come true, ask yourself “How can I make this easy?” Then sit quietly and wait for the answer to come from your deep creative center. When faced with a struggle, ask the question again and see what answer appears.

You are always at choice in your life, career and business. You can decide to make something hard or you can decide to make it easy. It is really that simple. If this concept of success without the struggle has you intrigued, then attend the session More Success With Less Stress presented by Jeanette Eleff, Success Coach and Strategist on Saturday during the Harvest Your Best Self Retreat.

 To your big success,

Jeanette Eleff, Success Coach, Strategist and Speaker